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The ACA's 12 Days of Health & Wellness

We've all heard of the 12 days of Christmas, well have you heard of the 12 days of Health & Wellness? The American Chiropractic Association has put together these 12 health and wellness tips for you to use and apply to your days leading up to Christmas!

Day 1: Don't Overload on Holiday Treats: Eating healthy during the holidays doesn't have to be difficult. Even a few simple changes in your diet can positively impact your health and help you prevent a variety of health problems in the future.

Day 2: Make Time for Exercise: If your body isn't conditioned for long shopping trips, lifting trees and presents, and other activities that come with the holidays, exercise can help. Try fitting a brief walk into your schedule several days each week to help build stamina and reduce stress.

Day 3: Keep Your Feet Pain-free for the Holidays: Running around during the holiday season can be rough on your body. If you aren't wearing the right shoes, you can experience serious discomfort in your feet and potentially intensify back pain. So make sure "the shoe fits"!

Day 4: Watch Your Back: Low-back pain is a common complaint, affecting thousands year-round. The holidays can put an even greater strain on your back-but there are things you can do to relieve or minimize your pain.

Day 5: Relieve Your Headache Naturally: On top of your day-to-day activities, the added pressure of preparing for the holidays can make your head pound. Get natural relief from that headache before the festivities begin. 

Day 6: Relax and Rejuvenate: Stress can cause high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, muscle tension in the neck and back, irritability and many other problems. Manage your stress better so it doesn't affect your holiday fun. 

Day 7: Travel Right: Sitting in cramped cars, trains, or planes for long periods of time can be the recipe for muscle aches and pains. Taking a few simple precautions can make traveling fun and pain-free.

Day 8: Get a Good Night's Sleep: Many health problems that occur during the holiday season are simply due to fatigue. Getting enough rest recharges and renews our bodies for the next day's challenges. 

Day 9: Enjoy Winter Activities: The holiday season brings with it lots of winter activities such as sledding, skiing, skating, and shoveling. Unfortunately, those activities can also cause painful muscle spasms, strains, or tears Take steps to avoid injury and pain.

Day 10: Consider Safety when Decorating: Especially as we age, climbing ladders and bending and twisting when decorating the home and tree with holiday lights and ornaments can aggravate lower back pain and cause falls. As you decorate for the season, keep these health and safety tips in mind. 

Day 11: Wrap the Right Way: Wrapping gifts can be a fun task in anticipation of the holidays, but it can also lead to back and neck pain. There are easy ways to avoid discomfort. Start by improving your posture. 

Day 12: Take Care of Yourself and Enjoy the Holidays: Taking care of yourself during the holiday season helps to keep your mind and body primed to deal with stress and muscle tension. Pay attention to your own needs and feelings, and find ways to lessen stress and enhance your overall health. 

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas, from your friends at La Vista Chiropractic & Wellness Center!


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